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Otro Lado is just few steps away from the surf best beaches in Santa Teresa. Come visit us, you’ll find us 300 meters north of the soccer field.
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International Airport in San José

From the International Airport in San José, you can connect with Sansa or Natur Air, book a domestic flight to Tambor. From Tambor take a taxi to Santa Teresa, approximately 45 minutes.

San José 30mins Tambor 45mins

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We’ll be glad to book the taxi for you, just let us know one day in advanced.

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San Carlos Bus Station in San José

From barrio Mexico, San Carlos Bus Station in San José there’s a direct bus to Malpais and Santa Teresa twice a day, 6am and 2pm. It also stops near the airport in Alajuela, Puente de Villa Bonita.

$ 15.50

Buy on board





San José 5:50mins

The bus travels on the ferry, so you don’t have to worry about missing connections, although, when the ferry docks, you have to walk off the ferry and board the bus while it’s on land.

The price for the bus is $15 per person, you buy the ticket on board, the ticket for the ferry is included.
Departure times coincide with the ferry schedule and both are subject to change.

Phone numbers: San José

+506 2221 7479
+506 2642 1112

Car rental

International Airport in San José

If you are planning to drive yourself, we recommend renting a car with four-wheel drive, especially in the green season. Roads in Costa Rica can be quite challenging. You should also be prepared for the fact that our roads are not well signalized.

From San José to Otro Lado

There are now two ways to drive to the ferry terminal in Puntarenas.

Caldera Highway, Route n.27
The whole trip should take about 4 hours, plus the time you wait for the ferry.

Caldera Highway, Route n.27

Interamericana Highway, Route n.1
This trip should take about five hours, not including any wait for the ferry.

Interamericana Highway, Route n.1

From Liberia to Otro Lado
This trip should take a little under 5 hours.

From Liberia

Visualize these long car trips

To help you visualize these long car trips, you can check Guanacaste province and Puntarenas province for great detailed maps.

Guanacaste province Puntarenas province


Your hotel in San José

Air-conditioned and comfortable tourist mini-buses.

Public shuttle

These air-conditioned and comfortable tourist mini-buses will pick you up from your hotel in San José, and transport you directly to Otro Lado for a cost of $50 per person for a public shuttle, it leaves at a set time twice daily in the high season, and once daily in the green season.

Private shuttle

A private shuttle that leaves whenever you want and dependent on ferry sailings will cost $350 per trip, up to 4 passengers.

Private shuttle and bus

There is also a $300 private shuttle option that drops you off at the ferry with your bags, and another van picks you up on the other side of the water.

We’ll be glad to book the shuttle for you, just let us know few days in advanced.

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A peaceful, quiet and private getaway in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Unique and comfortable accommodations in a serene oasis.

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